3D rendering optimization by removing non-visible objects (M/F)

| Stage | Sophia-Antipolis | France


Job description


OPTIS would like to continue to study, implementation, testing and optimization of algorithms related to our 3D real time rendering engine.



The main purpose is to improve the performance of our 3D rendering engine by drawing only the existing visible parts of the scene.

The internship will be structured as follows:

  • Getting into the existing implementation and documentation.
  • Implementation / Integration and analysis of different optimization methods already identified by the Optis teams.
  • Reflection and implementation of new optimization methods
  • Architectural and algorithmic reflection about complex objects (convex, concave, semi-transparent ...).

Weekly meetings with our rendering expert and the project owner will ensure regular monitoring of the internship



Internship duration: 3-6 months.
Location: Sophia Antipolis (06), France

Compensation for the internship and/or housing assistance according regulations.

  • The candidate should be familiar with 3D rendering engine pipeline (especially on the culling step), and already know some Oriented Object Programming languages (C# and/or C++).


Envoyez votre candidature (CV + lettre de motivation) au format électronique à : Dept. RH | recrutement@optis-world.com

Sous réf. : ST.OFE.1600314-A


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