OPTIS enables the simulation of Fluorescence for medical analysis

In science fiction the detection of diseases is very easy. We all have seen Dr. med. Leonard Horatio McCoy in Star Trek using a medical scanner showing all detailed information about the healthiness of his patient. On the side the image of this Tricoder, but unluckily enough it is just science fiction today.

August 1st, 2016 | OPTIS group


The use of fluorescence in analysis is such giving several advantages to white light:

  • Limit the operation zones because the tumor can be differentiated from sane tissue
  • Recognize also small tumors in the beginning of the illness and start like this an earlier treatment
  • Usage within stethoscopes for less invasive operations and clearer imaging due to data processing

How does it work?

The optical spectrum is much larger than the visible spectrum we refer as “light”. If we refer to electromagnetic waves we can see that even the optical spectrum is only a very small part of this physical phenomenon...


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