A move to a new sound design tool!


Today, in product design, designers and theorists are becoming aware that the sonic manifestations of objects can afford natural, powerful, and useful interactions, and participate to the aesthetic appraisal of a product.

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Is the speed of light infinite?

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The speed of light is not infinite. Its determination was calculated more than three centuries ago by the Danish astronomer Ole Christensen Rømer, and celebrates today its 340th anniversary.

The speed of light is not infinite.

Towards smarter aircraft interfaces


Today, aeronautic and aerospace industries want to reduce product development times and costs but face a major obstacle: the need to build several physical prototypes for verifying various concerns during the design process. The consideration of human factors in the design process plays a crucial role in the reliability and resilience of the systems involved, from an operational and error-tolerant point of view. This is especially true for aircraft cockpits. The answer to this challenge? Virtual Reality.