Virtually simulate and validate sensors for your autonomous vehicle

January 23rd, 2018 | Innovation


From sensors' design to their integration, OPTIS provides you with a complete platform to virtually test, validate and experience your future autonomous vehicle in true-to-life driving conditions.

From the Design...

Sensor simulation (in CAD environment)

  • Optical sensors (Camera and LiDAR) and ultrasonic sensors applications
  • Detailed design and simulation of digital-vision sensors
  • Layout and sensor performance on car body
  • In 3D environment sensors performance evaluation

...To the Experience

ADAS feature - (in ADAS/AD CAE tools chain) : 

  • Experience intelligent lighting with Smart Camera Sensor model
  • Test smart camera detection algorithms in driving scenario (HIL)
  • Test Automated Driving Systems algorithms in driving scenario (HIL/SIL)
  • Evaluate human factor, lighting and HMI concept  (DIL)

Thanks to our 29 years of expertise in optical and light simulation, our physics-based solution provides you with the right data to feed your AI. Make driving scenarios to validate your driving systems algorithms.




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