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The 4 OPTIS trends of the Geneva Motor Show

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Bentley, Audi, Porsche, BMW: these top names in the automotive business are highlighting ground-breaking car models at the International Geneva Motor Show. Here is our round up of the latest auto trends we’ve found inspiring, and that OPTIS helps famous manufacturers develop. With our technology, these trends are on the road today, and there’ll be plenty for them to see here and elsewhere after they’ve inspired all industries.

Genova Motor

Is the speed of light infinite?

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The speed of light is not infinite. Its determination was calculated more than three centuries ago by the Danish astronomer Ole Christensen Rømer, and celebrates today its 340th anniversary.

The speed of light is not infinite.

What is fluorescence diagnosis' simulation?

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In science fiction the detection of diseases is very easy. We all have seen Dr. med. Leonard Horatio McCoy in Star Trek using a medical scanner showing all detailed information about the healthiness of his patient. On the side the image of this Tricoder, but unluckily enough it is just science fiction today.


Farnborough International Airshow

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The world famous Farnborough International Airshow opens its doors to the public on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th July 2016 offering a whole host of family entertainment both in the air and on the ground.


Laser headlamp design

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The laser headlamp is already present on market in BMW i8 and Audi R8. SPEOS optical simulation tool as CAD add-in allows designers to create new products like laser headlamp not within months but days.