A Closer Look at Optical Simulation

With its acquisition of OPTIS, ANSYS has expanded its industry-leading software portfolio to include the engineering simulation of light, human vision and physics-based visualization.

July 20th, 2018 | OPTIS group

ASYS Advantage

For more than 30 years, optical simulation has proven to be critical for manufacturers of lighting products, including lasers, scanners, lenses and lighted displays. By simulating how these products will perform under a variety of real-world lighting situations, product developers can optimize actual performance — for example, ensuring that a dashboard display or a taillight is visible at night — without investing in expensive physical prototypes.


Over the last decade, the demand for accurate optical simulation has grown exponentially, leading to significant advances in software capabilities in this area. With the advent of virtual reality and autonomous vehicles, the engineering spotlight has never shone brighter on optical sensors, displays and related technologies.


To meet its customers’ growing need to incorporate optical sensing and lighting components in their products, ANSYS recently acquired OPTIS, a premier provider of software for the scientific simulation of light, human vision and physics-based visualization. Accurate optical simulation is of special importance to the automotive industry, but the company’s customer list also includes world leaders in aerospace, cosmetics and many other industries.

"By tightly integrating OPTIS solutions into its industry-leading multiphysics simulation portfolio, ANSYS is accelerating the development and delivery of innovative products to the marketplace." Eric BANTEGNIE, Vice Presidet and General Manager - Systems, ANSYS

For manufacturers, new visualization tools from ANSYS help predict manufacturing variations and their impact on perceived product quality. By identifying potential variations at the earliest possible design stage, engineers can ensure that products are produced to the highest possible quality standards, the first time and every time.