New subsidiary in China

OPTIS opens a second subsidiary in China

April 29th, 2014 | OPTIS group


We are pleased to announce the opening of a new subsidiary, OPTIS Beijing, in Beijing, China.                                                                                          


The main goal of this new OPTIS subsidiary located in Beijing is to get closer to the local customers and improve service quality with a focus on aerospace and defense. This new team will be led by M. Zhang Su, who previously worked as CEO for Anna-Oriental Software and COO for ESI China Corporation notably, and brings with him his valuable experience in software simulation and visualization tools. This initial team of five sales and application engineers is specialized in the deployment of new technologies and VR centers for aerospace, where the need of various simulators is constantly growing. M. Zhang Su said:


“I am very pleased to have the opportunity to work with OPTIS and have the intention to make the most of my past experience to ensure the success of this new subsidiary”



The creation of this second subsidiary completes the offer of the first subsidiary, OPTIS Shanghai. OPTIS Shanghai was created in 2009 and currently employs 10 people, mainly focused on the automotive and electronic markets. These two Chinese subsidiaries will work collaboratively to get closer to the ever-increasing customer base, putting the best of OPTIS’ performances at their service and answering each and every one of their needs. Jacques Delacour, OPTIS CEO and founder, declared:


“Asia currently experiences a very strong economic growth and China most particularly is actively getting equipped with new systems using virtual reality. Most Chinese industrials are looking forward to taking a giant leap and update their previous production systems with brand new infrastructures and virtual reality systems and centers. By doing so, they want to ensure the best quality for their products while greatly increasing their productivity.”


With its two subsidiaries in China and its subsidiary in Tokyo, Japan, OPTIS is eager to create an Asian cluster, and to reinforce its leading position in Asia to further assist companies in a broad range of fields, from automotive to electronics through aerospace and defense.


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