Sensors, Simulation & Virtual Testing Conference


May 15th, 2018 | OPTIS group

ADmosens 2018

The ADmoSens brings together technical experts of the automotive industry from the major OEMs and Suppliers, the best simulation and integrators suppliers and the scientist experts involved in that domain. For this first edition, the aim is to create a community of exchange on working methods, challenges and problems for everyone in a user-friendly environment. The event is part of a research & development phase highlighting innovation.


This simulation conference will focus on the aspect of 'perception’ and of 'sensors' in the field of ADAS and autonomous vehicle technology. This conference will set up practical cases using demonstrations, presentations and roundtables to answer all the major issues of today and tomorrow.

Why attending the ADmosens Conference? 


The first annual ADmoSens conference reconnects key suppliers and OEM’s to facilitate networking and knowledge sharing in a premier setting. This year, the conference supports advanced technology sessions in ADAS research, simulation science and sensors integration of advanced concepts.


Advance your knowledge and understanding of sensor perception and industry problems surrounding it. Understand where other industry leaders have overcome challenges and acquire tips and tricks to advance your vehicle programs into the future of ADAS/AD.


The simulation & virtual reality will showcase advanced technologies to support early decision-making strategies. The ADmoSens conference highlights global markets in Automotive. From exhibits to lectures, if you ‘re a bright light this is your place to shine!


Join us in Paris and expand your knowledge of emerging perception and sensors science trends impacting ADAS. The simulations revolution is underway as manufacturers scramble to tap resources and technology to compete in the global marketplace.