Simulation driven Innovation for an autonomous Future

ANSYS unveils their latest Innovations for Autonomous Vehicle Industry at the ADmosens Conference

June 14th, 2018 | OPTIS group

ADmosens article

Designing complex autonomous vehicles for the required level of safety and reliability represents an engineering challenge without precedence. Analysts estimate that making autonomous cars safe will require billions of miles of road tests. This impossible task can only be accomplished with the speed and cost economy delivered by engineering simulation. With ANSYS OPTIS simulation, thousands of tests can be virtually conducted within the time and resources needed for a single physical test, thus greatly accelerating and reducing the cost of the development of autonomous systems.
ANSYS OPTIS CoSimulation and virtual prototyping simulations assist the leading manufacturers in mastering digital light to improve safety and assert their brand signature. The challenge of virtual testing is to reproduce the “incredible” diversity of life, with an appropriate degree of accuracy. This is mandatory to reliably test and validate your intelligent lighting systems.

“Over the next decade, as the capabilities of mass-produced cars evolve from active safety to autonomous driving (AD), LiDARs are expected to become the most important segment of automotive detection and ranging sensor technology, either complementing or replacing radars and cameras in production vehicles to ensure robust sensing redundancy and enhanced overall system reliability.”

ANSYS OPTIS provides an ADAS simulation platform that includes physics-based sensor models as a solution to support major automotive players in the challenge of ADAS and Autonomous Driving. This cutting-edge solution will be showcased for the first time during the ADmosens Conference.


The first edition of the ADmosens Conference is a great opportunity for automotive experts to learn about the challenges of the autonomous vehicle industry such as sensors simulation and testing. It brings together many other players in the autonomous industry such as Jaguar Land Rover, Renault, Airbus, Toyota, NVIDIA and Valéo.


The ADmosens conference is held on June 13th and 14th at SystemX in Paris.





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