Executive Management Team

Led by the President and CEO, Jacques Delacour, the members of the Executive Management Team lead the businesses within OPTIS.

Jacques Delacour

President, CEO and Founder

Jacques Delacour founded OPTIS in 1989, launching the company with SOLSTIS—the first software application to calculate simultaneously optics, photometry and laser propagation. Jacques Delacour has always been the driving force behind the company’s quest for innovation, constantly investing in research and development to enable OPTIS to supply customers with the most powerful solution for light simulation. Jacques is graduated from the Ecole Supérieure d'Optique at Paris Palaiseau.



Pete Moorhouse

Vice President, Sales

Pete Moorhouse joined OPTIS in August 2008, bringing a wealth of industry knowledge and management experience and the critical connection between technology, sales, and the customer. He was previously at ICEM (Dassault Systèmes), playing the key role in defining product strategy.



Philippe Billaud

Vice President, Finance

Philippe Billaud joined OPTIS in January 2008 as Vice President of Finance. He specializes in the areas of mergers and acquisitions and capital development. Philippe was Chief Financial Officer and General Secretary of ESI Group from 1990 to 2007.



Nicolas Dalmasso

Technologies Innovation Director

Nicolas Dalmasso is one of the co-founders of SimplySim, an innovative French start-up acquired by OPTIS in 2011. Nicolas is a computer science engineer, passionate for 3D and virtual reality. He’s the OPTIS expert in 3D technologies. Former CEO of SimplySim and now in charge of the research and development team working on virtual reality products.



John Maxfield

Executive Director | OPTIS Pristine

After completing his PhD in Distributed Virtual Environments, John worked with SGI and as a Research Fellow for 6 years. He co-founded Icona Solutions in 2002, a company specializing in the delivery of Perceived Quality solutions based on his previous research work, where he led product development, support and consultancy services for over 12 years.Icona Solutions was acquired by OPTIS Group in October 2013 and John continued as Executive Director of the business.



Patrick Boussard

GENESIS Development Director | OPTIS VP Acoustics

After completing his Master in Engineering at the Arts et Métiers ParisTech, Patrick founded the GENESIS Acoustics company. He acted as CEO and president, for this company specializing in audio simulators and 3D sound playback systems. The GENESIS Acoustics company joined OPTIS in 2015. From then on, Patrick has been in charge of product development as GENESIS Development Director and OPTIS VP Acoustics.



Gilles Gallée

Business Development Director

Gilles Gallée joined OPTIS in 2013. Gilles Gallée received a Master’s degree of engineering in computer science and digital image processing in 1993. He formerly was Technical Director and he has been taking on the products and projects direction at Oktal, a simulation products company. He is now in charge of the Solutions department at OPTIS.



Nicolas Orand

Product Development Director

Nicolas Orand joined OPTIS in 2016 as Product Development Director. After a Master in Engineering, he turned to software publishing by joining IMAGINE in 2001 and then LMS, where he became Product Management Director in 2009.  He then joined the Siemens PLM Software group in 2009 and was appointed Product Development Director in 2013. Within OPTIS, Nicolas Orand is responsible for ensuring the continuous improvement of the quality of OPTIS's products and technologies.



Pascal Masek

Human Resources Director

Pascal Masek joined OPTIS in 2016. A dual French and American citizen, Pascal holds a Master degree in psychology with a major in Marketing and Communication. Pascal has more than 20 years of experience in the HR field and acted as HR Director for Alcimed and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Pascal develops OPTIS' Human Resources policies and programs and leads the international recruitment processes.