Fast Material Scanner

Are you a designer, a stylist, an architect or an engineer who wants to test multiple materials and color possibilities to create the best design? With the OMS2, easily scan colors, materials and textures: then experience them directly in your visualization software, under any lighting conditions.

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  • Bring reality to your virtual product
  • Unleash your creativity and innovate with new materials
  • Visualize the slightest material effects under any lighting

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Scan reality

Like the aspect of this object?  Capture the material signature as fast as taking a picture!  Simply press the button of the OMS2 and wait merely seconds:  you can now apply your material anywhere in your design.  OPTIS’ high-quality virtual samples are the only way of getting a true-to-life virtual prototype. 


OPTIS is the first and only editor who creates a system to measure and directly assign measured materials inside your virtual mockup.  This physics-based precision replaces the need for physical prototypes with accurate virtual prototypes, on which you can easily make the right decision.  You can capture a world of possibilities:  leather, wood, plastics, brushed metals, luminescent and iridescent materials... The OMS2 provides you with high performance measurement, freeing you from making dedicated material samples, searching for manufacturers references and creating shaders.  This is the quickest and easiest solution to measure the intricacy of materials on any object. 

Unleash your creativity

You can apply the materials directly into OPTIS solutions to get an accurate visualization of your product. See the impact of the materials on the appearance of your product and how it will look under any lighting conditions. Let your imagination speak and create the most emotional designs, to perform fast design reviews and make the best decisions. Easily share all your data with your teams and reuse them for any design.

OMS2 quick facts

  • Materials measurements (BRDF)
  • Lights measurements (OLED, displays)
  • High-speed & highly accurate measurements
  • Handheld, lightweight and compact
  • Compatible with all OPTIS software
  • In-situ measurements
  • High dynamics sensor
  • USB low energy consumption