Light and material measurement

Are you a designer, a stylist, or an engineer? Do you want to test multiple materials and color possibilities to create the best design? With OPTIS, simply request material or light scans: then experience them directly in your visualization software, under any lighting conditions to achieve true-to-life virtual prototypes.

Materials sample | OPTIS

Need to add a specific material or light source to your virtual product? Just ask us!

OPTIS captures the material properties allowing you to easily manage many material samples virtually, enabling multiple color and trim options, variations and associations... in real time!


We measure...

We provide measurement services to accurately and finely capture any surface.  OPTIS is the first and only editor who creates a system to measure and directly assign measured materials inside your virtual mockup.  This accurate physics-based precision is the only way for you to make the right decision on virtual prototypes: replacing the need for physical prototypes.  OPTIS’ high quality measurement output files are the only way of getting a true-to-reality virtual prototype.

...You create

You can apply the materials directly into all OPTIS solutions to get an accurate visualization of your product. See the impact of the materials on the appearance of your product and how it will look under any lighting conditions. Let your imagination speak and create the most emotional designs, to perform fast design reviews and make the best decisions. Easily share all your data with your teams and reuse them for any design.


measurement | OPTIS

You can also visit our smart online OPTIS Library for a great variety of the newest and most innovative materials and lights. Simply pick the ones you want and directly use them to give life to your virtual product.

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