OPTIS Consulting

You need to design market-leading products and systems while minimizing costs and time to market? OPTIS consultants are here for you!

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OPTIS design & engineering consultants help you greatly improve your designs and engineering processes. 

Working from our local premises, in our state-of-the-art R&D department, they will identify and resolve potential problems, optimize your designs for the best efficiency, identity and manufacturing output.

For 25 years, OPTIS has successfully accomplished more than 1,000 engineering studies.  We put our experience in optics, lighting and software development at the service of the most renown companies to help them develop and patent their innovative projects. 

OPTIS consulting programs include:

  • Workflow analysis and methodology consulting
  • Complete analysis of a design or prototype using virtual models to optimize performance or perform ergonomic studies
  • Custom measurement and analysis of materials and lights

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