OPTIS Training

You just discovered our solutions and wish to make the most of it in your business? OPTIS offers you a wide variety of trainings to fit all your needs!


You need specific knowledge on our products to secure your business and accelerate your innovation process? You want to strengthen the skills of your teams? OPTIS accompanies you by providing general public sessions scheduled throughout the year, as well as in customer-specific formats.


OPTIS training is the faster way to master SPEOS and many others for each solution and all user level. All sessions are taught by high skilled experts who guide you through essentials of software, optical theory and the latest product features. Our passionate trainers adapt their sessions to the demands and rhythm of the audience, to fully answer your needs. Trainings’ content is made to help you reach specific goals, enhance techniques and answer all your challenges. 

Training sessions

Theoretical Training

You need to learn more about the fundamentals of optics and sound? Gain a clearer understanding thanks to our dedicated training in light/materials interactions, photometry and radiometry, optical surfaces, light sources, optical materials, psychoacoustics and so on.



Fundamental Training

Are you a new user of our solution? Fundamental training on product software will support you in getting the necessary knowledge and methods, as well as deploying the appropriate simulation tool in no time!  




Advanced Training

Need to be trained on more advanced capabilities of our solutions? OPTIS provide you methodologies and best practice in an application context taking you to the next level, such as a five-day training course dedicated to exterior automotive lighting.




Need a specific training?

Training Workshops

Stay up to date with the new functionalities and develop your skills! Our training workshops offer theory, usage and practice including training days spent with your teams, stands by our side on demand, for a training experience tailored to your needs.  

Consultancy programs

Need to assess your knowledge on real cases of software usage? OPTIS consulting provides you with a method on the use of its solutions, specific to you and your team’s projects. Being immersed with you on site is the best way to show how to use our software so that you take control more quickly and efficiently.


OPTIS Learning Center


To facilitate the handling of our software, you can also deepen yourknowledge through the many online user guides and tutorials available on the OPTIS Portal.