OPTIS customers share their satisfaction

" We've seen a huge potential in being able to simulate our products and avoid costly and time consuming physical prototyping. We've done evaluations of three optical lighting solutions, and ultimately chose OptisWorks, mostly because of ease of use and CAD integration into Solidworks. It's the full package that convinced us : technical, performance and also customercare. Finally, we also expect OptisWorks to bolster us up in becoming a Tier-1 supplier in the near future, as we will soon be ISO certified".

Paul McCain - CEO | Diode Dynamics

With the new OSD feature, it just takes few minutes to design pyramid optics which previously needed several days for our CAD designer to create.

Brian Johnson - Director of Engineering | AGM Automotive, Inc.

Thanks to OPTIS software, Philips Lighting North America truly believes we can shorten our product development time by using the new Optical Shape Design tool. It was a very valuable evaluation experience for general lighting in indoor and outdoor applications. Its power and usability make it a recognizable asset to any optical designer.

Marc-Henri Monier - M.Sc.A - Optical designer, Technology and Support Group | Philips Lighting North America

The software and what it enables us to accomplish continues to be a major part of our business for our own product development and the services we offer our clients. There are several simulation software packages on the market but it has been the exceptional technical support we have received over the years in addition to the software’s capabilities that insures that we will remain an Optis customer.

Harold Brunt, Jr. - Opto-mechanical Designer, Corporate Officer | LumenFlow Corp

We soon became aware that this double choice would have meant us re-entering data each time we went from one software to another. This operation is unrewarding for engineers, costly in time, and also a source of errors

Mr. Aeschlimann - Engineer | Erni Licht-Technik AG. DER

Thanks to OPTIS software, we truly believe we can shorten our product development time and eliminate the time-consuming and costly phase of making physical prototypes. It was a very valuable evaluation experience for the cockpit lighting design, and I am confident we can extend the technology to other sectors such as cabin lighting and exterior lighting...

Jean-Marc Célérier | Renault DER (study & research management)

Designing Airport Light Fittings means solving many different kinds of problems, mechanical, electrical as well as optical design. Our optical components very often have mechanical functions too. Therefore optical design is just one of many things our engineers have to do; they cannot be specialists just doing nothing but optical design. That is the main reason that we need a optical design tool that is easy to get familiar with and that is easy to handle also for engineers who do not optical design every day.

Richard Heppell - Manager Core Systems Engineering | Bombardier Aerospace

The things I like most about SPEOS are its calculation speed, ease of use, fast learning curve and the high-quality support », says Clemens Stöberl. For Ruetz, the success of the operation extends much further than its contract with Audi : the company is now acknowledged as a major OEM in the automotive lighting industry. The confidence of the manufacturer Audi, gained thanks to Ruetz’s partnership with company OPTIS has opened up a new market.

Clemens Stöberl - Engineer | Ruetz

The development team at Global Lighting Technologies, Inc. has experience with most of the major optical simulation packages that are available. Speos is, in our opinion, the most powerful package we have ever used. Speos has many unique features that have made it possible for us to simulate extremely complex systems, that we were simply not able to simulate before, with any other package. We feel that features such as the Speos Distributed Server and Speos Advanced Texture Module set this software apart from the rest, for modeling complex lighting systems. In addition, the service and support that we have received from Optis has been excellent. The Optis team has provided invaluable help to us in making sure that we get the most from their software, and that we are able to get the answers that we need from Speos.

Clemens Stöberl - Engineer | Ruetz

I have been using OptisWorks to analyse a laser system that has three lasers and two scanning mirrors. I can very quickly in SolidWorks move one of the mirrors and do a ray-trace to see exactly where the beams go. I can then repeat this process many times moving the lasers, mirrors and window to finetune the best location for these parts.

Chris Taylor | CUBIC Defense Systems, INC

I would like to congratulate you on your software SPEOS for photometric simulation. The visualization of files is fluid and intuitive. The definition of geometries in script form is pratical for automatic programming. The XferCAD interface is very efficient.

Konogan Baranton | HOLOPHANE S.A.

...We are very satisfied using OPTIS SPEOS Standalone software to design our product i.e. Headlamps, Tail Lamps etc. SPEOS is easy to learn and use and its optical simulation is fast and precise.

Chethram Narwal | LUMAX Industries Ltd.

The most important is that with OptisWorks we are capable of making optical examinations of systems of complex three-dimensional geometries. This enables us to improve even more on optical efficiency and to dissociate our lighting solutions and applications from those conventional lighting...

Torben Skov Hansen | ROBLON Fiber Optics

OptisWorks has made my job easier and more efficient and has allowed me to communicate complicated 3D laser systems in very easy-to-see and impressive colors prints. What would have taken days or weeks can be accomplished in few hours, and parts that might have been made oversized because there was no way to know exactly where the beams go can be made as small as possible.

Chris Taylor | CUBIC Defense Systems, INC