Aerospace Suite

Are you an aircraft equipment manufacturer or supplier? Are you under constant pressure to deliver safe and innovative aircraft? With the OPTIS Aerospace Suite, easily create innovative lighting, improve the future design of your cockpit and cabins and greatly reduce your design cost and ecological footprint.


  • Meet performance criteria for an efficient production
  • Comply with safety and environmental regulations
  • Replace expensive physical mockups and trainings with virtual ones
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Use the innovative toolset of the OPTIS Aerospace Suite to speed up your development process, improved reactivity and for upfront decision making.  OPTIS simulation solutions enable you to validate your aircraft and supplier’s equipment at all stages of your design process. You save time and money by eliminating trial-and-error with virtual prototyping.

Ensure maximum safety

80% of pilot decisions during a flight are based on what they see. OPTIS lets you  simulate the pilot's visual perception inside the cockpit, under any flight conditions. Evaluate visibility, information readability and visual comfort.

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aerospace suite | OPTIS

Reinvent the travel experience

Virtually create and optimize your cabin appointment and lighting to stir the senses. Use light originally to realize the perfect atmosphere that makes the difference, creating a unique travel experience.

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Aerospace suite | OPTIS

Guarantee sustainability

Interact with your aircraft concept at a human scale for easy fine-tuning. Verify maintenance, operating  and ergonomic optimization possibilities, well in advance, for more secure aircraft.

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Aerospace suite | OPTIS

Improve Transportation Safety, Efficiency & Customer Experience

Discover how to exceed the regulations and deliver brilliant and intelligent designs for the exterior lighting systems, enlivening interior ambient lighting stimulating HMI.

Designing Airport Light Fittings means solving many different kinds of problems, mechanical, electrical as well as optical design. Our optical components very often have mechanical functions too. Therefore optical design is just one of many things our engineers have to do; they cannot be specialists just doing nothing but optical design. That is the main reason that we need a optical design tool that is easy to get familiar with and that is easy to handle also for engineers who do not optical design every day.

Richard Heppell - Manager Core Systems Engineering | Bombardier Aerospace