Architecture Suite

Are you an architect or lighting designer? Do you want to create the most amazing designs? With the OPTIS Architecture Suite, work with light as if it was a tool to come up with attractive, stimulating and inspiring buildings and interiors.


  • Make a masterpiece of any building or place by mastering its lighting and appearance
  • Adapt and modify your projects rapidly and without additional cost according to issues or last-minute specifications
  • Make the most of natural light and develop energy-efficient lighting
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With the current rapid growth of the population, the architecture industry is entering a rapid, large-scale change, that has no precedent in architecture’s history. New challenges are centered around creating beautiful shapes and living spaces while saving energy, improving occupant comfort, and minimizing costs and development times.


Physics-based virtual prototyping offers architects and construction engineers an easy and cost-effective simulation solution for their most innovative projects. From the perfect lighting to the ideal acoustic effects, make the most comprehensive design decisions to stay ahead of the competition! 

The OPTIS Architecture suite provides unique computerized product visualizations and sound environment, considering, for each material used, the color, reflection, diffusion, opaqueness, and transparency. You are now able to simulate the visual appearance of any surface with unparalleled accuracy. In real-time, change and check ambient lighting conditions, the position of the viewer and benefit from human vision capabilities, from focusing and saturation to blooming and color perception. The result is a hyper-realistic impression of how your design will look in real life. Bringing the experience always further, see and visit your building with virtual life in it before it exists in virtual reality: explore all possible configurations to recreate the occupants' experience. It is now easy to simplify and accelerate decision-making with highly realistic and unbiased simulations.


Architectural Lighting Design


Light is a key feature of any architectural space and is considered to be one of the most essential components of the architecture. No matter whether you are working on exterior, interior or illumination projects, we will help you to take up any kind of challenge:

  • Uniformity
  • Hot spots
  • Reflections
  • Neighborhood aesthetic
  • Ambient lighting

Interior Lighting Design


Light has more of an effect on a person's experience within a space than any other structural design element. Today, you can quickly create unique atmospheres as you play with light variations, to increase the well-being of people living and working in any of your building.

OPTIS Architecture solution is a professional lighting simulation suite for the analysis of lighting conditions in buildings. With accurate tools, professionals can easily predict light levels and appearance of space before the realization of the building design and select the most appropriate design options.

Accurately simulate and quantify light levels in interiors, and generate simulation for a visual result, that you can even explore in virtual reality.  It helps you make informed decisions about light performance and appearance in your architectural design.


Take your architecture project to the next level thanks to the OPTIS Architecture solutions. To offer your customers the best experience, OPTIS provide innovative light and human vision simulation and immersive virtual solutions to create true-to-life virtual mock-ups: interior and exterior scenarios can be both experienced with VR technologies. Because you create for humans, OPTIS software eliminates the guesswork with a unique human vision simulation: what you see on screen is what you will really get in reality.


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Exterior Lighting Design

Light is essential to external architecture as it enhances the perception of buildings. Check how the sunlight interacts with your project and change its orientation to avoid glare effect and chose the right colors or materials.

Study how your project will impact the surrounding buildings and environment thanks to the OPTIS Virtual Architecture Solution. Simulate your project in Virtual Reality to see how people will perceive your building to optimize it.

Green Lighting Design

With the OPTIS Architecture Suite, develop energy-efficient lighting, without compromising on lighting performance and visual impact of your illumination on your building. We are dedicated to the optimization of creative and functional lighting and illumination solutions that meet the requirements of energy efficiency and sustainability. Our natural lighting design includes the design and placement of windows and other external openings, as well as daylight calculations. OPTIS helps you to manage the ecological impact of your lighting designs:

  • Reduce energy consumption by optimizing the use of natural light and enabling a more efficient artificial lighting
  • Avoid mitigating sky glow and light nuisance, ensuring there is no adverse impact on fauna and flora.

Material Selection

One of the primary challenges of an architectural project is to select materials that best meet the performance, cost and schedule requirements of the project. Materials are also often chosen when they possess some special or unique properties which cannot be provided by another material.

OPTIS Architecture suite relieves the designers from any hesitation when selecting the materials. The suite provides unique computerized product visualizations, considering, for each material used, the color, reflection, diffusion, opaqueness, and transparency. You are now able to simulate the visual appearance of any surface with unparalleled accuracy.


How does that work? Once you’ve simulated your 3D building, accurately measure  unlimited materials or pick ready-to-use materials samples from our Library  and apply them to your model. The physics-based simulation provides an unprecedented visualization of colors and surface qualities of the selected materials. See precisely how your materials will react according to the lighting and their location, and interact with your architecture, to test various scenarios and pick the most aesthetic colors and surfaces. Because you create a design for people, OPTIS software eliminates the guesswork with a unique human vision simulation: what you see on screen is what you will really get in reality.


Once you’ve accurately simulated your 3D buildings, you can deploy your visualization in virtual reality. Visit your building with virtual life in it before it exists, in a VR center: explore all possible configurations to recreate the occupants' experience and make the most suitable decisions before actually building your project.

Acoustics Optimization

It may be a public area, a working space or any other kind of building, there are some parameters that should never be left aside. Among them, the sound ambiance, which can reveal all the assets of a place if it is well mastered. But achieving such a level of comfort can be tricky without the right tools. OPTIS offers you the latest innovation in sound design to manage any noise annoyance or problem of intelligibility in a specific area, as each of them has different expectations regarding the acoustic. Now, create the perfect sound environment for your buildings thanks to a unique graphic representation of sounds and competent graphic tools. Evaluate and improve the psycho-acoustic impact of sounds by mastering a perfect representation of the sound in a 3D space, all along your design process. Master the acoustic of your project with GENESIS.

Design, Manufacture and Market Brilliant Luminaires

The world needs better and smarter light. Are you ready for it ?

The partnership between OPTIS and GT will give our clients access to the most powerful combination of modeling software available. OPTIS is undoubtedly the global leader in photo-realistic imaging.

Malcolm Davies - Chief Operating Officer | Gehry Technologies