Automotive Suite

Are you an automotive manufacturer or OEM? Are you under constant pressure to deliver new vehicles and new parts in less time and at a lower cost? With the OPTIS Automotive Suite, easily create innovative automotive illumination systems, improve the future design of your vehicle and greatly reduce the time and cost of design and your ecological footprint.


  • Meet performance criteria for an efficient production
  • Comply with safety and environmental regulations
  • Sell more by easily creating the visual signature of your product
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Get it right the first time! More than just pretty pictures, OPTIS simulations accurately show you how your vehicle will look in real life, to help you avoid any costly design mistakes. This way, you can evaluate the final look of your car and lighting before you build expensive prototypes.

Exterior lighting

Enhance driver safety, visual comfort and brand identity.

Create innovative headlamps and tail lamps, intelligent adaptive lighting. Design and test innovative 360°aesthetical lighting equipment. Use head or tail lamps as a visual signature, compliant with regulations and standards.

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SPEOS solution is the only software to simulate human vision, color perception and glare effect.
This provides the way people will see your optical system by day and by night, enabling you to make the right decision.


As 100% CAD integrated, For all CAD users, with or without optical knowledge.


Our solution are industrial tools, that handles manufacturing processes, to guarantee your first product will be the right one.

SPEOS offers unique optical shapes and texture, to better master light and create innovative signature.
It gives the key to design, test, validate and visualize functional and beautiful lighting (headlamp, foglamp, rearlamp, sidelamp...)

All along the years, OPTIS has integrated métier-oriented functionalities, including

-      Adjusting Color with a filter

-      Lighting ADB Pixel Beam : Optimize beam homogeneity with fine adjustment of individual source power

-      Regulation check : photometry check with library, standards

-      Intelligent lighting


Virtually test & validate (IIHS) your headlamp system

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Do assessment from our physics based solution, and validate your headlamp system through standard evaluation.

Unique driving experience

OPTIS driving simulator lets you experience virtual dynamic drive and test your virtual prototype in real conditions. The possibilities are infinite! OPTIS virtual prototypes are based on real light interactions that bring an unequalled realism to your car interior and exterior - fit and finish. Our unique solutions simulate customer vision, allowing you to preview what they want to see before manufacturing your vehicle.

Learn more about VRX 2018 - the OPTIS driving experience platform

Interior lighting

Enhance driver information and well-being

Let vehicle mood lighting make the difference when you set the perfect interior car atmosphere by creatively using light. Imagine interior lighting with harmony and create innovative functional and style lighting systems.

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As 100% CAD integrated, For all CAD users, with or without optical knowledge, thanks to our automatic generation of shapes and ready-to-use library of from-the-market light and materials.

For light designers, engineers and ergonomists.


Our solution are industrial tools, that handles manufacturing processes, to guarantee your first product will be the right one.




SPEOS offers unique optical shapes and texture, to better master light and create subtle light guides,


Design and integrate innovative optoelectronics equipment, including lit actuators, lightguides, ambient lighting, rooflamp, displays, cluster, rear-mirror, and Head-Up Display.














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Human Machine Interface

Our experts will help you to define the best position, orientation, luminosity, contrast, of lit buttons, display systems and sound alarm for the safety of the user. Combining geometry and photometry approach and bring it into a real time simulator will enable to involve users in the process and make all decision regarding your interface and its content.

Learn more about HMI

Ensure perfect visibility and readability of displayed information.

Thanks to a full light measurable simulation inside the cockpit, benefit of unique tools and human vision model to evaluate and improve the visual ergonomy of the Human Machine Interface.

Eliminate sun reflection, Day/night Veiling Glare, retro reflections, screen washout. Thanks to the power of physics simulation, SPEOS handles polarization effect, that provides necessary accuracy in disturbance evaluation : just experience polarized glasses while driving and you understand the necessity of taking into account polarization in light simulation.

OPTIS Technology provides the right color not only using full spectral information of light and material, but taking into account the way your eye perceives this spectrum.

At the end, we handle your display characteristics to show calibrated and true colors.

Augmented Reality : Head-up display

OPTIS makes it possible to create optical systems for automotive head-up displays.

How? Simply by optimizing optical mirrors’ layout and shape, providing the best virtual image quality from the specified eyebox, target image, and windshield shape.

OPTIS SPEOS’ solutions dedicated to HUD are naturally compatible with CATIA V5 geometric operations, providing optical metrics describing the HUD optical system performance such as image distortion, image sharpness, ghosting or visual disparity.

Learn more at our dedicated page : What is HUD Solution ?

Autonomous Driving Experience Platform

autonomous driving experience platform 1

Optical sensors are the eyes of any intelligent system. OPTIS has developed a unique expertise based on its VRX simulator platform where simulated data generated by sensors are physically correct. This is the only way to guaranty your artificial intelligence software will behave the right way in real life.

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Virtually simulate and validate sensors for automotive 


The concept of turning a car into a robot that provides the ultimate convenience on the road, while dramatically improving safety, is appealing and exciting.

Our solutions include the simulation of solid-state LiDAR, camera and ultrasonic sensors for automotive applications.

Automatically qualify and compare the performance of sensors from different suppliers, objectively. You can also simulate the LiDAR’s field of view, to validate the positioning that meets regulations and custom OEM specifications.

We allow you to prepare calibration tests for production, by qualifying impact of sensor's positioning variability.

Finally, try any what-if scenarios and validate ECU robustness depending on input disturbance in our Driving Experience Platform.


Learn more about OPTIS Autonomous driving technology


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Perceived quality and virtual training

Visualize aesthetic variations that can risk lowering the perceived quality of your vehicle, sending clients away from your product. Select new concepts that solve aesthetic problems and easily identify potentially sensitive areas directly on your photo-realistic 3D prototype. Perform virtual reality assembly line phases that design future operators tasks and training. 

> Validate your Perceived Quality with Aesthetica and maintain your vehicle with HIM


Mounting the seats in a Bentley Motors automobile is a complex, model-specific process, and mistakes can easily damage expensive luxury materials. Bentley needed an efficient way to train assembly colleagues without compromising the excellence of their brand. Discover how Bentley has chosen OPTIS and NVIDIA to accelerate training and shorten time to market thanks to Virtual Reality based on a highly realistic 3D model of the car combined with real-time physics.

Earn a good IIHS rating easily

Explore how to dynamically assess the virtual prototype of your headlamp system against IIHS standards

The things I like most about SPEOS are its calculation speed, ease of use, fast learning curve and the high-quality support », says Clemens Stöberl. For Ruetz, the success of the operation extends much further than its contract with Audi : the company is now acknowledged as a major OEM in the automotive lighting industry. The confidence of the manufacturer Audi, gained thanks to Ruetz’s partnership with company OPTIS has opened up a new market.

Clemens Stöberl - Engineer | Ruetz