Consumer Goods Suite

Are you a designer or an engineer? Do you want to create innovative high technology products and get ahead of the future? Because light, optics and sensors play an exclusive role in high technology products, easily create cutting edge electronics with the OPTIS Consumer Goods Suite.


  • Develop cutting edge and price-competitive products under tight deadlines
  • Create a visual signature for your product
  • Easily overcome design complexity
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Do you know that 80% of the image projectors, laser systems and screens around you (LCD, LED, OLED) are designed thanks to OPTIS solutions? OPTIS is the ideal partner for all manufacturers of advanced technological products, from major appliances to telescopes, through mobile and connected devices, computers, or camera systems. Why? Simply because all high tech devices depend on light and optics.

Technology suite | OPTIS

Innovate easily

OPTIS solutions lets you virtually optimize all aspects of your product before the expensive physical prototyping stage. Benefit from the latest light sources and materials available on the market, as carbon and e-textiles. Combine light, materials and optical sensors to create the most innovative upcoming products. Simulate your product, virtually turn it on and improve lights and colors while maximizing the visibility and readability of controls and screens. Evaluate what your optical sensors and CCD will detect by testing them in various conditions. Validate the aspect and miniaturization of your product to tackle the issues of battery longevity, space limitations and excessive heat and weight.

> Optimize your high tech equipment with SPEOS and Aesthetica

Technology suite | OPTIS

Combine performance and attractiveness

Visualize your product and make it stand out by optimizing both its performance and visual appearance to make it the most attractive. Optimize its perceived quality and predict possible defects early in your design process, to correct them before the product enters into production, and save time and money.

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Pioneer has succeeded in reducing development workload and improving efficiency. They managed to eliminate the backtracking when designing illumination structures initially using a simple analysis.

I have been using SPEOS to analyse a laser system that has three lasers and two scanning mirrors. I can very quickly in SolidWorks move one of the mirrors and do a ray-trace to see exactly where the beams go. I can then repeat this process many times moving the lasers, mirrors and window to finetune the best location for these parts.

Chris Taylor | CUBIC Defense Systems, INC