Energy Suite

Are you an engineer working in energy or a plant designer? Are you dealing with highly sensitive and complex installations, where any error can be critical and an absolute safety is indispensable? With the OPTIS Energy Suite, recreate your energy and all your dedicated infrastructures, for the best yield and safety.


  • Increase the safety of your installations
  • Maximize the generation of power
  • Replace expensive or impossible real trainings with virtual ones
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Whether it is electric, fossil, renewable or nuclear, keeping energy flowing to the entire world is a critical necessity for everyday life and economic vitality. Energy is one of the major challenges of this century, and the OPTIS Energy Suite is a complete set of innovative tools allowing you to simulate your energy and the creation, use, maintenance and dismantling of your infrastructures.

Simulate your energy

As far as solar or nuclear energies are concerned, you can easily simulate the power of your energy with OPTIS' accurate solutions.

  • Recreate your solar panels and simulate where and how to place them in various environments to maximize your power yield.
  • For nuclear energy, evaluate the plasma performance and the optical systems response during the nuclear fusion. The high precision and performance of OPTIS Energy suite enable to optimize the safety and efficiency of the generated power.
> Recreate your energy with SPEOS

Easily manage your infrastructures

Whatever energy you are working with, dedicated installations always are a challenge to handle. Now, easily simulate and test the various operations necessary to run your installations and create a real human centric design.


With our virtual reality solutions, create a virtual model of your future infrastructures to validate its different uses as well as the interactions men will have with systems and machines. Easily verify ergonomics, to reduce the hardness of tasks and interventions, and greatly improve safety.


Last but not least, train your operators on unique systems even in harsh environments, where it would not even be possible in real life. You can also simulate radiations inflicted to operators during maintenance or dismantlement, to optimize the way out and define the most strategic actions to perform in case of emergency.

> Enhance global safety with HIM

After having tested several solutions, it is the power of the SPEOS software which led us to choose OPTIS. Thanks to OPTIS HPC, we can reduce our simulation time from one day to less than one hour, and thus significantly increase the number of simulations carried out on a yearly basis; Another significant advantage of the SPEOS software is that it is possible to conduct all these studies in a single environment - Dassault Systèmes' Catia V5 CAD software - and the digital model of the entire thermonuclear reactor.

Marie-Hélène AUMENIER - Doctor | Institute of Research on Fusion by Magnetic Containment (IRFM), CEA