Lighting Suite

Are you a lighting designer or engineer? Do you want to create high-end outdoor and indoor lighting products, with great design? Do you want to create high-end outdoor and indoor lighting products with exception design intent? With the OPTIS Lighting Suite, develop new luminaires with the highest quality and efficiency, meeting the trends of the global market and using eco-friendly products.


  • Control lighting for an efficient use of energy and materials
  • Develop intelligent lighting and provide the best quality for the optimal occupant experience
  • Move toward sustainable lighting to develop long-lasting solutions
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Make your lighting dreams come true 

The dream of a lighting designer is to illuminate a precise area. There's a need to define the ideal light source, and a desire to automatically create a luminaire system that corresponds to this configuration at the touch of a button.  OPTIS, lighting specialists since 1989, now makes the conception of lighting elements as easy as this! OPTIS supports and accompanies you throughout the creation cycle of your lighting systems: create and manage intelligent systems, imagine the style, calculate the reflector aspect and evaluate the performance, while respecting standards.  Decide how to position each element for the best effect.

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Lighting suite | OPTIS

Be innovative and successful

The spread of new light source technologies and their fast evolution makes it necessary to quickly create next generation lamps, torches, traffic lights and illuminated road signs; all while preparing yourself to answer each new market’s needs. With the OPTIS Lighting Suite, click and observe how all the surfaces of your luminaire automatically evolve and place themselves around your light sources to perfectly illuminate given places, areas and objects. OPTIS solution integrated expert tools allow you to design smart, innovative, energy efficient lighting. Let your industrial, commercial and domestic lighting illuminate urban and suburban areas more beautiful than ever.

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Lighting suite | OPTIS

Design, Manufacture and Market Brilliant Luminaires

The world needs better and smarter light. Are you ready for it ?

Thanks to OPTIS software, Philips Lighting North America truly believes we can shorten our product development time by using the new Optical Shape Design tool. It was a very valuable evaluation experience for general lighting in indoor and outdoor applications. Its power and usability make it a recognizable asset to any optical designer.

Marc-Henri Monier - M.Sc.A - Optical designer, Technology and Support Group | Philips Lighting North America