Luxury & Beauty Suite

Are you a luxury goods or beauty and cosmetics company? Do you want to create the most sublime and market-leading products? With the OPTIS Luxury & Beauty Suite, easily master all the design aspects of your product to come up with the most appealing and stirring realizations.


  • Create unique and unforgettable designs and products
  • Reduce prototyping cost and time working with virtual materials
  • Virtually showcase your product and play with light and materials to get the best effect
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Whether you are creating jewelry, watches or a new cosmetic product, your project deserves the neatest attention right from the design phase. With the OPTIS Luxury and Beauty suite, take your project to the next level: conceive, evaluate and adapt your creation following an infinity of scenarios to make the right decision and meet your customers’ expectations.

Create the perfect jewelry

In the jewelry industry, perfection is key: for a luxury products designer, using precious raw materials such as gemstones to manufacture several prototypes is definitely not a viable option to achieve the perfect result. However, being able to visualize the final aspect of your creation before it actually exists is critical, especially when working with delicate plays of brilliance, transparency translucency, and reflection. The OPTIS Luxury and Beauty Suite is the ideal virtual prototyping solution for predictive and reliable visualization. It takes into account the real properties of materials and surfaces for a guaranteed realism, while saving time and cost associated with the physical prototyping phase.

With the OPTIS simulations and visualizations, master your design process right from the conception phase and unleash your creativity. You can model and optimize a broad spectrum of materials, including precious metals and gems, and apply them to your virtual jewelry. The highly accurate optical and visual simulations help you predict critical jewelry visual aspect:

  • Try many colors and materials from the OPTIS Library and test them under different lighting conditions
  • Study the impact of various cut, color and coating options on the brilliance and appearance of gemstones
  • Explore and optimize many visual design concepts quickly and efficiently

Design the future watch innovations

As a useful luxurious object, watches need to be conceived with the highest care. Every detail is important: they make the difference from a product to another. From the perfect junction between each part, to the sound itself of the clock, there is no room for not paying attention to minute details, as they allow us to determine the quality of a product.

To help you in your design, OPTIS offers a solution to evaluate all the visual aspect of your project. Visualize it from the outside, but also from the inside, to spot potential issues in the mechanism elaboration. Polish the ornaments such as the texturing of the dial with intricate patterns or manufacturing effects like the Geneva stripes or the sunray decoration.

In the watchmaking industry, your brand identity not only travels through the aspect of your products, but also through the sound of it. Take the most out of your project, and sharpen the sound design of your watch when it strikes the hours. Work alongside our specialists in acoustics and create a product that will leave your customers speechless.


Take cosmetic design to the next level

Whether you are conceiving a perfume bottle or next-generation makeup, you need to evaluate the reaction of your product with its environment, including its appearance in various lighting conditions and its visual appearance on various skin types (young, wrinkly, porous, etc.) through time. Our solutions have been developed to help you achieve your goals quickly and effectively without losing neither time nor money and counteract ethical issues.

How? First of all, by measuring the interaction between the light and the skin, which is quite complex because of its structure, that makes it react just like mist. Then, by scanning any cosmetics, from lipsticks to eyeshadows or foundations, and applying the virtual sample obtained on a digital model of the skin, to test the product’s appearance once applied. The simulation lets you anticipate the behavior of your product on the skin through time. With the merge of new textures such as metallic or velvet trends, simulations also open the door to a large panel of possibilities.

Ease the communication between your different work teams and gather cosmetologists, chemists, scientists and product managers around the same prototype.



Software of the Luxury and Beauty Suite

Design optimization with SPEOS


Perceived quality with Aesthetica


Virtual exploration with Theia-RT


Acoustics optimization with Genesis