Interacting with immersive 3D systems (M/F)

| Stage | Sophia-Antipolis (06)


Description du poste

The intern will integrate the OPTIS Imagine team in Sophia Antipolis that works on real-time rendering and virtual reality. Our flagship virtual reality product is RHEA-HIM, developed in partnership with Airbus Group Innovations, which allows an immersed user to navigate in real-size into a digital mock-up and perform some review, object manipulation, assembly testing and so on. Interacting with such products while immersed in virtual reality can be difficult because of the many devices involved, the lack of accuracy of some tools and the unusual situations that users may face.



This is a research and development internship. In a continuous improvement goal and to take into account new types of user interaction devices such as finger tracking, we are looking for more intuitive ways of interacting with our virtual reality products.

The internship would decompose as such:

* Learning how to use the different devices that we have (Leap Motion, Kinect, CyberGlove III, ART finger tracking…) and discovering our current 3D interface (10%).

* Reviewing the trends in immersive user interaction for virtual reality and be up-to-date with the scientific litterature. An internal technical report has to be made (50%).

* Identifying which improvements could apply to our use cases and implement some novel interaction concepts identified in the bibliography (40%).




Internship duration: 5 to 6 months.

Location: Sophia Antipolis (06), France


Compensation for the internship and/or housing assistance according regulations.


The candidate should be familiar with research and scientific processes.

Programming in C# would be a plus.

The candidate must speak French and/or English.


Send your application (Résume + cover letter) in digital format to: HR Dept. |

Under Ref. : ST.OFE.1600316-A


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