Review of modern real time 3D rendering techniques (M/F)

| Stage | Sophia-Antipolis (06)


Description du poste

The intern will integrate the OPTIS Imagine team in Sophia Antipolis that works on real-time rendering and virtual reality. OPTIS is one of the world leaders in accurate virtual world rendering, with its products Theia-RT and VRXperience. We have developed our own rendering engines, both offline for very realistic rendering, and online for real-time rendering as realistic as it can be. The continuous improvement of graphics computer hardware is narrowing the difference between the two types of rendering, as many algorithms that could not target real-time performance are now becoming conceivable.



This is a research and development internship. In a continuous improvement goal and to take into account the immense power of recent GPUs, we are looking for algorithms that we could use in our real-time renderer. These algorithms may have been existing for a long time but unused because they required too much resources to run in real-time, or may be have recently appeared in research, in which case we don’t know if they can be applied to our rendering engine.

The internship would decompose as such:

* Understanding the specificities of our rendering engines (10%).

* Reviewing the trends in modern rendering engines and in scientific litterature. An internal technical report has to be made (50%).

* Evaluating for each technique if it applies to our engine (15%).

* Depending on available time and programming skills, implement a proof of concept for a few of the identified technics (25%).



Internship duration: 5 to 6 months.

Location: Sophia Antipolis (06), France


Compensation for the internship and/or housing assistance according regulations.

The candidate should be familiar with research and scientific processes as well as the basic operation of a 3D rendering engine. Programming in C# and shaders would be a plus.

The candidate must speak French and/or English.


Send your application (Résume + cover letter) in digital format to: HR Dept. |

Under Ref. : ST.OFE.1600315-A


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