Integration of a realistic 3D renderer in a design tool (M/F)

| Stage | Sophia Antipolis (06), France


Description du poste

The intern will integrate the OPTIS team in Sophia Antipolis that works on realistic real-time rendering. OPTIS has become a leader in the domain of optics prototyping thanks to the integration of its tools in popular CAD software such as CATIA or SOLIDWORKS. Today’s challenges also happen on lighting validation in home and consumer electronics devices, with much simpler optics elements involved.



This is mainly a development and integration internship. The goal is to provide a prototype integration of our accurate 3D light simulation tool in a popular industrial design tool. The internship would decompose as such:

* Understanding the specificities of our rendering engines and the targeted industrial design tool and becoming familiar with their SDK (20%).

* Iterating with the team on a user interface that provides a good user experience for designers: ergonomics and selecting the correct information to be displayed at the correct time and position (20%).

* Demonstrate and document the integration of our tool in the design tool (60%).




Internship duration: 5 to 6 months.

Location: Sophia Antipolis (06), France

Compensation for the internship and/or housing assistance according regulations.

The candidate should be familiar with CAD or 3D modelling tools. Having already programmed in C++ and C# would be a plus.

The candidate must speak French and/or English.


Send your application (Résume + cover letter) in digital format to: HR Dept. |

Under Ref.: ST.OFE.1600313-A


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