Create a better sound world

Are you a sound designer or an acoustician? Are you interested in sound quality and analysis? With GENESIS, understand your product's perceived quality and reinvent it with innovative solutions and unique listening and testing tools.

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  • Enhance the sound quality of your products
  • Understand the perception of your sound
  • Design a memorable audio experience
  • Analyze acoustic recordings
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The Sound Lab for Industry

GENESIS provides you with a powerful suite of analysis tools focusing on audio perception:


  • Create the perfect sound signature for your products thanks to a unique graphic representation of sounds and competent graphic tools to magnify sound, with a single click!
  • Evaluate and improve the psycho-acoustic impact of a sound by mastering a perfect representation of the sound in a 3D space, all along your process.

Precise & Realistic 3D Sound

3D Sound Playback Systems

You want to add sound to real or virtual places?

GENESIS creates solutions you can use in your playback studios for a realistic reproduction of real-life soundscapes. State-of-the-art 3D recording and playback techniques are used for a high-precision reproduction of 3-Dimensional sound, as well as original timbre.


Thanks to GENESIS’ technologies, precisely sculpt sound in a pre-defined space, and be able to control where do any sound comes from. In brief, discover how sound perception encourages maximum immersion in a specific place! 




Interactive Audio Simulators

Half of what you see is what you hear.


GENESIS audio systems are especially designed to equip your simulators and virtual reality platforms. GENESIS creates realistic interactive 3D soundscapes using real-time audio systems, for an unrivaled realistic sound and sensation of immersion.





GENESIS can also provide start-to-finish services: analyzing your requirements, designing the solution, supplying and integrating hardware and software, calibrating the installation, training your teams, and maintaining the solution.  


GENESIS responds to your resquests in its various area of expertise: 

  • Psychoacoustics and objective metrics: To characterize the subjective perception of sound
  • Product sound design: From ring tone to engine sound, or the warning sounds of electric vehicles
  • Intelligibility studies: For improving the understanding or restitution of speech in reverberant or noisy environments

Meet our acoustics experts to share your experience and make your project a success!


From the ticking of the clock to plane reactors, going through train station’s ambient sounds, GENESIS helps industry actors to improve their sound signature. 







OPTIS Genesis' technology uses ASIO. ASIO is a trademark and software of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.

Sound design in Automotive

Discover OPTIS-GENESIS solutions and how acoustics aims at improving comfort and creating a unique consumer experience.