OPTIS Library

OPTIS Library offers you a veritable treasure trove of thousands of measured samples to create the safest and most appealing designs

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  • Innovate safely using real and certified materials, light and regulations
  • Place your elements in context to make the right choices
  • Free you creativity: test infinite design possibilities
  • Don’t wait for your real sample to test it: download the virtual sample immediately
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Imagine to replace any physical prototype with a virtual mockup in 3D, and to manipulate light and materials to validate performances, aspect, light signature and appearance as if they were actual ones.

This dream has now become true: thanks to the OPTIS Library, recreate virtually the physical world easily without even knowing it.

OPTIS gives you the key to realistic virtual prototyping: you don’t need to be an expert in optics to create your design. 

What is the OPTIS Library?

A showroom of thousands of singular lights, materials, tools, the OPTIS Library is the place for creative professionals to get inspired!

With this Library, OPTIS offers its unique expertise in light, materials and related elements, so you can benefit from the latest innovations.


Our OPTIS Library features over 4 000 cutting-edge samples and items: 



OPTIS | Library Materials


Pick and apply predefined materials to recreate any surface, texture and color.

OPTIS  - Library Light sources

Light sources

Improve your light performance and create appealing lighting fixtures with our ready-to-use LEDs, fluorescent, incandescent and HDI bulbs, and OLEDS.

OPTIS | Library Lenses

Cameras & Lenses

Find all types of lenses and cameras to create or recreate any optical system within a click.

OPTIS | Library Standards


Easily check the compliance of your products to official SAE or ECE regulations and standards on a virtual prototype.

OPTIS | Library Tools


Use predefined sensors, environments and photometric or color measurements easily in your CAD software



Each item of the OPTIS Library comes with its dedicated comprehensive information.






A must-have tool...

When designing a product, you know early in the process the look you want to create. But sometimes, the final results can be surprisingly very far from your expectations: materials are not adapted, colors don’t match, lights are not homogeneous, etc.


You have two ways of anticipating this: a real prototype, difficult to produce, and OPTIS real measured and accurate virtual samples.

Easier and faster to create, much more affordable

Simply use these samples to create your design: your virtual prototype is more reliable than a real prototype, easier and faster to create, much more affordable and very close to your final product.


Try easily a lot of possibilities and find the elements that will adapt exactly to your specific needs. Discover and pre-test materials that are not even available yet on the market, before your competitors. You won’t miss the latest trends in technology and can easily select your suppliers!


You can even go further and benefit from our compilation of regulations, to ensure the conformity of your product before launching the production.

...easy to use & share

Whether you are an expert engineer, a creative designer or an architect, this intuitive and user-friendly online tool extensively answers your needs.


OPTIS users get unlimited access to samples, their detailed descriptions and usage and manufacturer information: just launch researches for whatever you need!

Measured samples are compatible with all OPTIS solutions


Measured samples are compatible with all OPTIS solutions and can be used by all during your process, from designers to marketers with configurators, through engineers.


The OPTIS Library is updated on a daily basis to provide you with the latest trends in the market.


Discover the Library


Can’t find what you’re looking for in our Library? OPTIS measures it for you!


And thanks to our optical measurement scanner,  you also can extend your own library yourself, to make sure you use a unique sample.