Dynamic Driving Experience

Are you a decision maker, test pilot or validation engineer? Would you like to drive your virtual vehicle with all ADAS and interior and exterior lighting technologies on-board? VRX lets you test your safety and lighting systems to improve the driver’s comfort and safety on the road.

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  • Experience your system on 3D virtual roads and manage intelligent lightings in cities
  • Improve road safety with multiple driving experiments
  • Replace costly real night validation with virtual tests in highly realistic conditions
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Put your ADAS systems to the test

VRX allows transportation companies to virtually test and integrates their next-generation sensors before the actual release of the product. This innovative new validation system, which increases vehicle and pedestrian safety, provides a virtual experience of sensors. By recreating their operations on autonomous cars and simulates their use in real life scenarios, it allows or safer, more cost-effective virtual tests of LiDAR, ultrasonic and camera systems.


With the accelerated development pace of autonomous driving capabilities and the ongoing race to commercialize mass-market solution on production vehicles, VRX optimizes the development and integration cycles of new technologies. The VRX autonomous vehicle simulator that makes the same decisions as a real-world connected vehicle, helping to eliminate costly and risky real-world tests of sensor systems and contribute to reducing their time-to-market.


VRX simulates the electronics of the system as well as the digital conversion to reproduce the data generated in a real situation as precisely as possible – including the effects of noise and glare that may impact the sensors.

Explore the road

At night, in difficult driving conditions or when entering a tunnel: an intelligent and adaptive headlamp system is necessary.

For improved safety headlamps are not static: they need to adapt according to the driving environment.

An immersive, intuitive and reliable simulation is a great decision tool to ensure the best safety and experience of headlamps.

One step beyond virtual reality, VRX offers an exploration of the driving environment, exactly how a real driver would see it.


With the VRX real-time interactive simulator, drive your virtual vehicle prototype in a highly realistic 3D environment:

  • Dynamically experience your lighting systems embedded in your future vehicle
  • Simulate multiple lighting configurations and types in a fully virtual environment
  • Experience day and night time driving scenarios taking into account road and weather conditions
  • Create unlimited scenarios with our extensive content libraries, and use A.I. and human avatars in your scenes to guarantee an ultimate level of realism
  • Check the visibility of pedestrians, road signs, and markings, validating their compliance with international regulations and standards

Validate your equipment

The simulator understands all of the elements necessary to experience the accurate simulation of driving conditions:  headlamps, instrument panels, glass cockpits, head-up displays and adaptive lights. You can virtually check, manage and validate all of these features, under any constraints, in any environment.  Now you can take the place of a real driver:  our unique human vision technology takes into account the slightest vision variations, as the switch from day vision to night vision. We can simulate the eye adaptation to light and the driver’s age, recreating the exact vision of actual drivers, for the most accurate results.   Easily manage your system, bringing diver’s intelligence into it thanks to VRX compatibility with MATLAB and Simulink.  You can also deploy VRX on the hardware platform of your choice, as the setup is fast and easy. 


VRX quick facts

  • Headlamps management (AFS, matrix beam, laser)
  • Traffic and pedestrians integration
  • Standard and customized tracks
  • Fully virtual simulator including car interior geometry
  • Canbus connection to cars and hardware simulators
  • Physics-based rendering
  • Multi physics-engine compatibility
  • PowerWall, 3D Stereoscopic monitors, HDRI displays and multi-wall centers (immersive virtual reality center) compatibility
  • MATLAB & Simulink compatibility

Earn a good IIHS rating easily

Explore how to dynamically assess the virtual prototype of your headlamp system against IIHS standards