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OPTIS material scanner OMS2


OMS2 OPTIS Material Scanner


Scan the optical properties of light sources, materials and surfaces with the point-and-scan OMS2

No more time consuming manual creation of shaders:
Scan colors, materials or textures ... and drag and drop directly into the visualization software.

Apply your sample to virtual prototypes in a matter of seconds. With OMS2 there is no need to remove samples or search for manufacturers’ references. OMS2 adds realistic light and material effects, increasing the quality and accuracy of renderings.

  • Fast, easy measurement. OMS2 is a portable, handheld device with simple, push-button controls and one-second measurement.
  • Integrated. It is the only device of its kind to be integrated into CAD for immediate application of material data to mechanical geometries.
  • Realistic. OMS2 measures the optical properties (BRDF) of materials, such as paints, metals, plastics, leather and wood.


The industry-proven OMS2 acquires more than 1 million data bytes to model and generate your material signature in all its subtlety (stung, fineness subtlety of material)

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