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Custom Software


Opto-mechanical and opto-electronic systems often require custom software to meet unique and complex requirements.

OPTIS can leverage its team of software experts to meet the simulation requirements of its customers such as:


  • Laser Mégajoule
    A digital simulator for ghost-image and laser beam analysis of the French CEA’s experimental inertial confinement fusion device
  • Radiative behavior
    Software that simulates the radiative behavior of a cryostat in an infrared field
  • Laser cavity pumping
    Software that models different occurrences in laser system design such as pumping
  • Optical fiber coupling
    Software that enables the optimization of a coupling system with multimode optical fibers
  • Ocular implant simulation
    Software that simulates ocular implants with multi-dioptric sides
  • “Freezing time”
    Software for calculating and simulating femtosecond impulse stretching and compression
  • Underwater lighting simulation
    Lighting software for ocean and deep-sea applications such as ‘virtual’ photography