Internship - Raytracing in scanned environments

| Stage | Sophia Antipolis (06)


Job description

This internship is related to the simulation of physical environments acquired using a LiDAR-based 3D scans, also known as point clouds, with raytracing technologies. A ray cast in a set of points will likely intersect with nothing, and special techniques need to be used to give a surface to the scanned points. The intern will have to participate to the improvement of ray casting in point cloud environment, following the literature of this research domain, keeping in mind the real-time constraints and very large amount of data to be processed. GPU programming will be needed.

Trainee profile

University Master 2, or equivalent Msc degree. The candidate must speak French and/or English.

Basic knowledge in 3D geometry mathematics, 3D rendering and GPU programming, object-oriented programming would be a plus. 

Previous experience in Visual Studio and C# language would be a plus.

Internship is expected to start early 2018 for 5 to 6 months.


Send your application (Resume + cover letter) to: 

HR Dept. | 

Under Ref. : ST.OFE. Raytracing


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