Light-Material interaction plugin development (M/F)

| Stage | Toulon (83)


Job description

SPEOS optical simulation software uses BRDF models within its Monte Carlo ray tracing engine. The goal of this internship is to enable the inclusion of additional BRDF models which can be used by the engine. The trainee will be expected to develop a C++ software module managing the light – matter interactions. This module must be able to take into account BRDF models to be defined (e.g. Cook-Torrance, measurement, …

3rd year engineering schools, University Master 2, or equivalent graduation certificate.

Required skills: C++, knowledge in Optics, Photometry, Radiometry or rendering will be appreciated

The candidate must speak French or English.

Location will be in Toulon (83), France.

Duration will be from 4 to 6 months


Send your application (Resume + cover letter) in digital format to:  HR Dept. | 


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