PHYSICS Based DATA processing (CFD, Thermal, Radiative, STRUCTURAL) for REAL TIME AR/VR display M/F

| Stage | Valbonne


Job description

The intern will be integrated to the Modeling & Simulation (Rendering) team.

ANSYS is the worldwide leader in multi-physics simulation. Data generated from the simulation are generally too big to be displayed in an AR/VR environment. 

The goal of this intership is to develop specific post-processing and rendering techniques so that huge multi-physics data can be displayed in a fully realtime AR/VR environment.

Evolution of those data overtime with a timeline management should also be covered.

University Master 1 or 2, or equivalent graduation certificate, Engineering Schools

Required skills: OpenGL/DirectX (including HLSL.GLSL), AR/VR SDKs (OpenVR, OpenAR), OO programming (C#) 

Software: Visual Studio, NSight

The candidate must speak French and English.

Location will be at Valbonne (06) in France.

Duration will be from 4 to 6 months. 


Send your application (Resume + cover letter) in digital format to:  HR Dept. |


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