Customer focus: AVIC

OPTIS deliver a complete Virtual Reality centre for AVIC in China to validate aircraft flight decks

May 6th, 2014 | Customer Focus


OPTIS delivered the world's first optically correct sky simulation facility, OPTIS Sky Simulator for AVIC in China. This innovative solution efficiently combines hardware and software in a full VR center, in order to simulate the whole range of real life light levels, bringing the numerical world always closer to the real world.


Qualification testing of cockpit lighting requires ground tests in a specific environment able to adequately simulate the various characteristics of ambient light conditions that constitute the worst cases.


OPTIS SKY SIMULATOR associates real and calibrated luminance values of the sky to a suite of virtual reality applications, along with the powerful virtual prototyping generated by the physics-based algorithm of OPTIS’s SPEOS software. Thus, it can simulate any type of conditions in a controlled and reproducible way, in order to validate digital cockpits models early in the process, as well as the real final cockpit at the end of the production line, always in a single environment.


Engineers and designers are now able to test cockpit prototypes in all manners of flying conditions. The lighting system accurately replicates all eventualities when flying at high speed including difficult to reproduce effects produced by both sun and moonlight, flying in clouds and the problematic conditions at dawn and dusk.


This facility is designed and built to be the artificial reproduction of the conditions the most representative of ambient natural light in the world. It is thus capable of reproducing the full range of lighting conditions, from the dark night to a full day.


The conceptual design and optical performance of this turnkey solution was carried out by OPTIS over a period of 18 months. After approval testing was completed the OPTIS SKY SIMULATOR is now installed and operational on the AVIC in China and will be used as an integral part of flight deck and head up display design and optimization for the next generation of jet aircraft.


Mr. Li, the project manager of AVIC said:


Flight decks and head up displays can now be tested and evaluated in the most demanding of flying conditions without an actual aircraft ever having to leave the ground….saving us the time and costs of physical test flights, and having to wait for the specific weather and lighting conditions needed to fully assess optical performances of critical cockpit components.

Jacques Delacour CEO & OPTIS founder added:


The facility is truly the first of its kind and clearly demonstrates our expertise in managing such complex projects from the initial sketches and detailed optical studies through to onsite installation and commissioning. Although this first project focusses on flight deck performance and ergonomics the OPTIS SKY SIMULATOR itself is able to facilitate all sizes of aircraft and rotorcraft as well as other forms of transport such as automobiles, train systems and recreational vehicles.

The OPTIS SKY SIMULATOR reinforces OPTIS strategy to deliver a fully virtual prototyping platform to a broad range of industries, saving time and money throughout development process.



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