Lite-On Technology accelerates the development process of HUD products with SPEOS

Their technology development department has chosen SPEOS for the analysis and design of their HUDs

February 20th, 2018 | Customer Focus

LiteOn Technology

It's been a few years since the high-tech industry in Taïwan is facing the plateau in terms of consumer electronics growth, car networking, automotive electronics, electric vehicle-related applications have become the development of the industry's vision. 


Lite-On Technology has been in the automotive electronics and smart car fields for many years, especially in the head-up display (HUD) and autonomous driving (AD) fields and has received significant results; and into the OEM international manufacturers supply chain. The company wished to offer advanced HUD integration solutions, with innovative and differentiating technologies including windshield and combiner display, with a streamlined optical simulation solution. Their technology development department has thus chosen OPTIS’ SPEOS for the analysis and design of their HUDs.


Lite-On Technology SLA business group, SVA business department, dedicated to the smart car related products development, which indicates:

“In the past, we were using several different optical analysis solutions interactively, it took a long time for us to transfer a large amount of optical data into geometry or pictures. It often takes a week for us to prepare the customer communication report; and when the contents changed, the report would be changed again. Sometimes it is not easy for the customers to understand the details, especially in the analysis of the sun stray light, as they lack intuitive display.”


The technology development department has chosen SPEOS optical simulation solution for HUD analysis and design. Integrated into CAD software, SPEOS can assess HUD performance flexibly, by analyzing the distortion, ghost, optical volume and more functions. The mechanism of tolerance and optical interaction can all be done in one intuitive 3D platform with the SPEOS Variation Module (SVM), and provide intuitive graphical results. So, customers and R & D team in the optical and institutional staffs can quickly and effectively communicate.


After the SPEOS HUD Solution is introduced, the feasibility of the optical machine architecture can be evaluated in a few days by means of rapid ray tracing; and the interference & influence of mechanical variation and fabrication tolerance on the HUD virtual image can be carried out at the end. This process enables to accelerate the communication with other OEM suppliers.



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