New design challenges & trends

Working as a designer is a perpetual challenge to meet the innovative challenges of tomorrow.

March 31st, 2017 | Customer Focus


Whether it is a new project, the launch of a new product, the assignment to a specific task, many different criteria can prompt a designer to look at the latest features of the OPTIS range. To help this, the company offers a wide range of training courses that give users the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge at the right time. 


To stay up to date on the latest trends in design, OPTIS offers training adapted to any level, from new users to experienced designers. The more theoretical formations allow, among others, to acquire the basis required to optimize the use of the modeling software in no time. Then, to boost the product design phase, OPTIS also offers training courses to stay informed on the new functionalities of their solutions. Theory, advice and practical cases allow tailor-made accompaniment and offer unlimited creativity as well as a considerable increase in productivity. 


But the new design challenges also involve sharing and collaboration among team members. Appropriate training allows everyone to understand both the way the software works but also to increase efficiency and their joint productivity of the team around the product design. 


 The OPTIS training enables designers to meet new design challenges related to light modeling, the integration of materials or even the enrichment of virtual simulation through sound design