3D sound for the automotive industry

The sound design vector of safety and comfort on board

May 29th, 2017 | Innovation


The audio systems inside the cabins are increasingly evolving. However, new sound processing technologies dedicated to the automotive industry not only create a better sound environment inside the vehicle but are also a safety aid. Let's find out how!


In terms of sound, it is spatialization that creates this feeling of comfort and security. The spatialization of sound is the ability to "place" sound in a specific place. For example, audible reminders of turn signals can be located on the left or right of the vehicle, depending on the path chosen by the driver. 

But above all, the spatialization of sound makes it possible to signalize, to warn. When approaching a vehicle in a blind spot, the sound may run into the car and accompany the danger in motion. This will allow the driver to locate it in space. 

By placing sound where the attention of the driver needs to be worn, new sound processing technologies reduce its mental load, making driving less tiring and more secure.



The sound design thus aims at improving safety and well-being on board,  by optimizing acoustic quality inside the passenger compartment and making man-machine interactions more playful. The aforementioned sound spatialization tools are based on a digital processing of the sound sources and allow each sound to be parameterized according to the configuration of the vehicle. From door snapping to engine noise and sound alerts, each sound is judiciously balanced and offers optimum sound quality for all passengers.


OPTIS GENESIS, leader in the acoustic simulation industry, will be present at the SFA Industry Days. This meeting is an opportunity to meet specialists in vibro-acoustics to learn more about the latest advances and industrial solutions: characterization of sound sources, noise generation, and transfer mechanisms, new experimental and computational approaches. .. to create 3D audio experiences of tomorrow! 



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