5 unusual secrets to creating a successful and long-lasting start-up

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September 1st, 2017 | Innovation

5 secrets

For those who don’t know OPTIS, it is the leader in lighting simulation and virtual reality for virtual prototyping. Light has a considerable influence on design today, and this influence will keep on growing as OPTIS makes its use more accessible. Mixing light and human vision simulation with cutting-edge computer science technology, OPTIS helps famous companies quickly create their products simply and cost-effectively. Projects which used to be very expensive and took a lot of time now are accomplished faster than light.


Today, OPTIS is a trusted software solution provider for the world’s top 500 companies, but at the beginning, it was just a small startup. So, how did OPTIS get there? On the occasion of this new school year, Jacques Delacour, the CEO and founder of OPTIS, wanted to share with us five unusual and helpful tips which still help him making a worldwide success of his startup:


Passion is the driving force which will motivate your projects and your startup. You always need to keep up the hard work, the dedication, the determination, and love what you’re doing. Being passionate is the best and the most positive way of reaching the top with your startup, and of remaining there. So keep the flame that burns in your startup alive and keep on going!


Learn to be like a child! Children are always enthusiastic about the world around them, but it is an ability that many of us tend to lose when we grow up. If you want to succeed, never lose this ability, even if you have the feeling you’ve already seen it all. Remain like a child and be full of wonder about all the new things you discover. This is a mandatory quality to be a great entrepreneur. Don’t let the world become something you're so used to you that don’t even see what’s new and astonishing in it. Get rid of your "grown up" attitude and learn to play even in your business!


Personal and professional success are deeply intertwined. Your personal life has a great impact on your professional activities, so you must never neglect it. Personal success and achievements are the basis of everything. I know that creating a startup requires a lot of investment, but it should never be to the detriment of your fulfillment. Never forget that your happiness and achievement will help you be more successful in your business, as success attracts success. So succeed personally, and you’ll be successful in your business!


It is a truth commonly acknowledged that the secret of success is sincerity. Indeed, being sincere with other people is important, but being sincere with yourself is the first and most important step towards success. As your startup is the result of your work and your ideas, it is in a way a mirror in which you can see yourself. Always stay true to yourself, make the adequate choices, and create a startup that looks like you and that evolves just as you do. You don’t want to look at this mirror one day, and see something which shifted from what is what initially, in a direction which is far from what you think and want!


If you started a business, it’s because you had an idea or wanted to create something. Well, even if, after a few years, it will seem to be difficult to come up with new creative ideas, you must always ignite a spark of creativity inside you. Change your perspective on things and always think outside of the box! Being creative helps you find new ways of doing old things, or keeps you inventing new things, to bring life and energy to your business. So shift from one idea to another, take your time, feel free to experiment, to mentally improve your ideas, and to let your mind speak. And then, put all that into practice until your next innovative idea!




VIDEO - L'innovation continue, clé de la pérennité de l'entreprise


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