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Taming city noises with 3D sound: challenge accepted!

August 29th, 2017 | Innovation


More and more people are living in the towns nowadays. As the population density increases, the noise issue has become more important in affecting the quality of living of citizens. Noise in urbanized areas mostly comes from human beings, transportation and construction mean, buildings, and city services, which are all essential for the progress of urban development. Noisy environments can be a cause of negative health issues, relates to sleep disturbance, provokes chronic anxiety and can affect people’s attitude. As very often, people don’t have access to control the noise outside their home, taming these noises is a very challenging task for governments, professionals, and academia. The effort to decrease the awareness of intrusive noise, for example, vehicles during operations, is of prime importance for the benefit of citizens. 


OPTIS GENESIS' solutions enable the transportation industry and smart cities to create a better sound world thanks to 3D sound playback systems. Do they need to add sound to real virtual places and cities? The OPTIS  GENESIS' playback studio is used by many industries for a realistic reproduction of real-life soundscapes. With this unique technology, they can also precisely sculpt sound in a pre-defined space and be able to control where any sound comes from.  


It's your turn now to discover how sound perception encourages maximum immersion in a particular space and how this can be applied to tomorrow's cities. Today, we present the playback studio at the INTER-NOISE congress in Hong Kong! Come to booth 14 and met the OPTIS GENESIS team to experience with the 3D sound!


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