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OPTIS Virtual Architecture Lighting Solution has been specially developed for architects and lighting designers.

June 4th, 2014 | Innovation


This solution allows you to be immersed in your future building and to visualize it in real time.The design and study of any type of light and material effects in or on a building is now possible. It simplifies and accelerates decision making in generating realistic physics based images and evaluating performances.

OPTIS Virtual Architecture Lighting Solution enables you to present a 3D virtual visit of the project in any mobile device or in a virtual reality center.

The benefits             

Mastering all light effects and choose material


A unique visualization technology is fully based on the physical laws of light. What you see is the scientifically true light composed of billions of photons which are propagated within your project until they reach your eye. Human vision model, the OPTIS Virtual Architecture Solution is the only technology available in the world that includes light simulation from the source to your eye. This ensures what you see in the real world will be identical to that you will visualize on your screen.


Creating mood lighting


OPTIS Virtual Architecture Solution allows you to adjust light power using our unique “Virtual Lighting Controller” feature. This function allows you to pilot light levels of any source and to create multiple configurations adapted to a targeted ambiance. As an example, you are able to adapt lighting parameters to real light level measured on different areas of the building.


Analyzing and solving detected issues thanks to:


Energy analysis including irradiance level due to artificial and natural light, luminance level, light reflection analysis, thermal analysis based on infrared flux and HiFi rendering capabilities




Increase energy savings in maximizing natural light inside the building


Sun effects: model the spectral luminance distribution of light anywhere in the sky. Simply provide the location of the building and  OPTIS Virtual Architecture Solution will simulate the effects of the sun and the sky on the building throughout the whole year.


Position and optimize solar cell energy location and orientation, depending on the relative earth to sun position.


Building a new construction will cast shadows upon the environment and may reflect light from glass and aluminum material.


Thanks to the OPTIS Virtual Architecture Solution, you are now able to study exactly how your building will impact the surrounding buildings and environment.


OPTIS Virtual Architecture Solution also takes into account material coatings which are used to reflect infrared radiation and create optical effects.


Process:  After having defined your 3D model using any format, you are able to create an optical model including all light sources, material, sensors and camera that will be used for the simulation process. Light sources and material can be defined, or can be chosen from the OPTIS Library.


This simulation solution is based on a 25 years development program in optical simulation for industry and research and is now available for architects. Its unique technology is based on a spectral simulation algorithm which will ensure that the exact energy information and color is always obtained.


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