From automotive lighting to simulation technologies

Meet OPTIS at 2018 DVN Munich Workshop, the event of the year in automotive lighting

January 30th, 2018 | Innovation

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Road lighting, vehicle design, visual signature, road users' safety: the challenges and the need for optimized automotive lighting are numerous.


With this in mind, automobile manufacturers spend an inestimable time designing their headlights both aesthetically and safely, with the objective of bringing to the market vehicles with perfect automotive lighting. To achieve this, many tests must be performed and many prototypes created to achieve a perfect result. But the design of all these prototypes is time-consuming and represents a considerable loss of money for the players in the automotive industry, not to mention the ecological weight. Finally, the tests on the road are long and sometimes dangerous, the prototypes of lighting to be tested under different weather conditions and during various driving scenarios.


SPEOS, bright light and appearance simulation software, is the most realistic solution to create and analyze innovative lighting systems. Simply create a virtual prototype of your system and quickly test many different possibilities, to make comprehensive decisions on the best solution for an efficient design. In a few words, go faster, be more innovative!


SPEOS is so accurate that 80% of our customers trust OPTIS virtual mock-ups more than real prototypes to validate the performance and appearance of their products.


Why does SPEOS make the difference? Thanks to the perfect physics-based simulation of light, ruled by optical laws. Light is often tricky and does not always behave the way you expect.  With SPEOS, understand light, master it, play with it, and more, advantageously use it to sell more products. In a word, work with light to create your brand identity and certainly the most powerful and innovative systems.


Most of today’s lighting systems: light guides, backlit displays, sensors, tracking systems, image projections, head-up displays, augmented reality glasses, remote control systems, finger recognition, biomedical equipment and even intra-ocular implants, are created thanks to the SPEOS technology.


This DVN Workshop theme: "Digital Light" will be focused on the convergence of automotive lighting and digital technologies.


Topics covered:

  • HD Headlamps
  • Advanced signaling
  • Rear and Interior Lighting
  • Light communication
  • Digitally Controlled LED & Laser Light Sources
  • Electronics
  • New Materials
  • Simulation
  • Measurement Tools



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