HIM: The Human Centric Design Platform

June 25th, 2014 | Innovation


HIM (for Human Integrated Manufacturing) is a platform dedicated to ergonomics investigations & Lighting and illumination study on the basis of Virtual Reality. HIM enables operators to “enter” and interact with a full‐scale 3D realistic digital model by wearing special goggles, helmet‐mounted displays, or even as an avatar artificial figure with human dimensions.


HIM benefits of RHEA platform (for Realistic Human Experiment Analysis) development made and finalized by EADS Innovation Works over the past five years. RHEA offers a virtual reality space for carrying out ergonomics studies on future products and their manufacturing process.


With HIM, OPTIS has added physics based light & human vision simulation in order to reach an equaled level of realism and accuracy for the selection of design themes, plus material and light property specification.

HIM becomes the leading software for targeted, interactive, physics based & real time visual decision making on the basis of Virtual Reality. With HIM, OPTIS also added the study of the difficulty of the task of an operator; reachability / comfort envelopes (based on NFEN‐1005‐4 and NFEN‐1005‐5 and ISO11226: 2000). This study also includes effort indicators (based on OWAS standards).


Designers, engineers and ergonomists can take the place of the future pilot, crew member, passenger or technician, to experience various tasks and explore a series of technical solutions by interacting directly with the digital mock up. To ensure that the analysis is pertinent, the application enables the designer to put the product into context by adding external environments and trajectories. A scenario management module completes the platform. A semi‐automatic process transfers even the largest models of CAD data quickly to the VR environment.


Allowing decisions to be taken very early in the design process, this technology can be applied across various industries, whenever taking into account human interaction, human vision and light interaction with a complete environment is critical to the final design.

HIM also enables assembly and maintenance personnel to train on a product that would normally be difficult to access. And not just in one location, but also as a collaborative solution across multiple locations. In all areas there are lucrative opportunities for the use of interactive virtual reality solutions.


HIM is brand new 64 bit based on SimplyCube which is a new generation platform. Simplycube is a 3D real time simulation engine for highly realistic software applications developed by Simplysim a company of OPTIS group.


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