OPTIS Virtual Reality Offer

June 26th, 2014 | Innovation


OPTIS now offers a technology which allows companies to make decisions, with a much better common understanding, higher level of confidence and, of course, in a faster way. With HIM, THEIA-RT, SPEOS, VRXperience and OMS2, OPTIS provides solutions to make physics-based visualizations of products that do not yet exist. 


The OPTIS Virtual Reality suite is a software which helps targeted and interactive decision-making. Companies can thus save a lot of time and reduce their costs by integrating our software into existing structures and processes. Manufacturers of complex products, like airplanes, cockpits, cars, thus have a help to resolve issues of development process.


Jacques Delacour, CEO of OPTIS, asserted that:

“A lot of companies miss physics based rendering quality in their virtual reality scenes, because they are generated by CAD systems that do not offer these possibilities. Many marketing departments with special applications try to create the future in 3D again. With the option to use the same renderer by all parties, we build a bridge between these areas."

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