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May 7th, 2014 | Innovation

VRXperience | OPTIS

More than a driving simulator, VRXperience is a virtual lab for testing and validating front headlamp systems. VRXperience is based on a unique solution from measured material to physically correct images through physics rendering engine and human eye models. This is the perfect OPTIS’ answer to speed up the engineering process in an early stage of development.



Further advantages are:

  • Cost efficiency by reducing the number of prototypes.
  • Time-saving potential.
  • Reproducibility of situations and environmental conditions.
  • Full flexibility reg arding light distributions and scenario.
  • Independence of weather conditions and time of day.
  • No potential hazards for human and devices.

The main usage of a virtual lab running VRXperience is the evaluation of light distributions. The wish of every lighting engineer, to compare different headlamps (measured or simulated from SPEOS or others) and stages of development within several seconds, is now enabled by VRXperience . These possibilities represent a high efficient working tool for the function specialists and optical engineers in different project phases. Thanks to this solution, the virtual lab is part of the decision process. It allows reviewing the close-to-reality model of the road illumination and the lit appearance. This ensures that the OEM and Tiers 1 philosophy is applied through the whole lighting development process.


VRXperience , developed in cooperation with OEMs and Universities, offers the main functions to evaluate the beams in driving conditions. Provided with a set of road environments (extra test track can be added on request) and a vehicle dynamics model, VRX provides real-time rendering on one monitor up to a fully immersive environment. On request, OPTIS can provide or recommend hardware (for displays and driving buck). OPTIS can also easily interface VRXperience to any existing hardware or software.


Following the growing customer demands, the next VRXperience releases will be provide much more functionalities such as regulation check, AFS/ADB or traffic scenarios for headlamp systems testing. Then, VRXperience features will be extended in order to target new automotive applications such as interior testing (field of view, volume, lighting, reflections, HUD...) in driving conditions.


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