Virtual Reality to enhance Headlight Testing

OPTIS offers the latest version of its driving simulator software, VRX 2018

November 10th, 2017 | Innovation

VRX | Driver vision

As headlights become more sophisticated, the complexity involved in their development requires more intense testing, necessitating several physical prototypes, in engineering departments and on test tracks, to fine tune the final product’s lighting capabilities. Testing these systems on several iterations of a prototype can be expensive and potentially dangerous on real-world tracks. To combat these factors, OPTIS’s virtual solution allows transportation OEMs and their Tier-1 suppliers to test and experience the performance of their headlights with virtual prototypes on virtual test tracks, recreating realistic traffic conditions, including weather, incoming cars and pedestrians.


New product features allow for the adjustment of the control logic of the headlights to improve both visibility and perceived quality. Adjustments include maximizing the quantity of light on the road, while avoiding glare on oncoming cars, as well as a relevant driver assistance that facilitates communication with road users. These fine-tuning solutions ensure added comfort for customers and improve safety while driving at night.


VRX 2018, which is dedicated to testing dangerous scenarios without risks, introduces the assessment of headlight systems against IIHS standards in its new version. It is now possible to optimize lighting systems and control the settings and programming of the virtual prototype, which will increase the future score of the IIHS rating due to an accurate and complete analysis against IIHS criteria.


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