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Simulating the workings of a real automotive camera

February 27th, 2018 | OPTIS group

Physics based camera

The Physics-Based Camera is a software feature in OPTIS' product VRX-Sensors, aimed at simulating the workings of a real automotive camera. From the first prototype, OPTIS made a video that shows the camera recording of a car driving on a curvy road through the hills.


To clearly show the phenomena of a real camera, the effects were exaggerated: Chromatic aberrations, lens distortion, saturation, noise, etc.


Finally, the Physics-based Camera runs in real-time!


The Physics-Based Camera is impressive because it simulates actual physical quantities from input to output: 

  • Spectral Radiance (Light energy) 
  • Photons 
  • Electrons 
  • Voltage 
  • Digital number 

The Physics-Based Camera also contains a physical model, that accurately describes the internals and relations between:

  • Lens System 
  • Imager 
  • Signal Processor 

For example, by changing the lens aperture, you will influence both the amount of energy captured and the depth-of-field! 


Most impressive:  

  • it is in real-time! 
  • It is fully validated with a reference implementation!


The PB-Camera can be used in all applications that require an accurate and fast simulation of a camera. 


The most prominent market today is the Autonomous Driving market (OEM+TIER1+2), which depends strongly on sensor input. However, the product can also address other markets such as: 

  • Cameras on autonomous cars, busses etc. 
  • Cameras in smartphones 
  • Cameras used for security of public places or inside buildings. 
  • Cameras in industrial and military settings (assembly line, robotics, drones) 

More precisely, the accurate simulation of the camera allows OPTIS' customers to: 

  • Test several cameras and decide which one is best suited for their goal. 
  • Highlight if the image recognition (in general: AI) is working as expected. 
  • Avoiding physical prototypes and save time to test their systems. 




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