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The newest version of Theia-RT raises the bar in lighting and material design solution in VR

August 1st, 2017 | OPTIS group

Cosy Cocoon

Have you ever heard about a software that aims at outdated prototyping techniques by providing completely virtual experiences of organizations' products?


Through its intuitive virtual Light Painting features, THEAI-RT makes it simple to create a variety of illumination systems and to visualize how materials will behave. Theia-RT 2017’s Real-Time Configurator allows users to test various material combinations virtually, taking into account geographic location, time of day and weather conditions, to offer an accurate preview of a product’s appearance in a given environment.

“Each development in OPTIS technology brings us closer to our goal of revolutionizing the prototyping environment, driving us toward zero physical prototypes. This new version of Theia-RT not only brings light and materials simulations to VR, it also lifts the restrictions often imposed on designers by creating prototypes that are easily manipulated and as true-to-life as possible,”

said Jacques Delacour, founder and CEO of OPTIS.

“This is a new era of design technology – one that connects the ideas of designers and engineers to enhance creativity and productivity.”


Courtesy of Quintessence

Theia-RT 2017’s is unveiled this week at SIGGRAPH, the computer graphics, and interactive techniques conference, via demonstrations of the software’s new capabilities.


During SIGGRAPH, July 30 – Aug. 3 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, booth #1223, OPTIS demonstrates the Light Painting feature on the CAD model of the Cosy Cocoon, an autonomous vehicle project from a designer who has worked with Alfa Romeo and Mercedes. The physics-based light painting, performed in a VR helmet, is replicated in a CAVE, in real time. Additionally, OPTIS demonstrates the Real-Time Configurator on the CAD model of the AM37, a luxury boat from Quintessence Yachts. During the demonstration, users can experience the boat using a VR Helmet or in a CAVE.





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