Laser headlamp design

The laser headlamp is already present on market in BMW i8 and Audi R8. SPEOS optical simulation tool as CAD add-in allows designers to create new products like laser headlamp not within months but days.

May 4th, 2016 | OPTIS group



Additionally many road tests are available to optimize the control unit algorithms as the laser booster will only be activated over a given speed to avoid glare and it has to be kept on the road in curves and with different leveling of driving over bumps and small hills.  The VRX platform of OPTIS helps the designer to virtually experiment the system using human vision tools to evaluate glare, which is saving an enormous cost and time budget which is normally necessary using real night drive testing.   Of course the enhanced viewing distance will finally reduce the number of accidents which is one of the main goals of automotive industry today.


          SPEOS as CAD add-in will allow to directly use CAD geometry for optical simulation without any data file format transfer loses. Changes, in order to improve performance of developing product can be done immediately by optical designer what rapidly save development time.


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