OPTIS promotes the simulation for autonomous vehicles at DSC 2017

OPTIS is pleased to feature their technology at this year’s Driving Simulation Conference in Stuttgart

September 5th, 2017 | OPTIS group


Organized by the Driving Simulation Association, of which OPTIS is a partner, the 2017 Driving Simulation Conference exhibits the latest innovation in driving simulation technologies. OPTIS will feature their unique physics-based simulation capabilities, through their dedicated solution VRX, the physics-based driving simulator, to academics, practitioners, and representatives from the world’s leading car manufacturers and suppliers.
The demonstrations will give attendees a deeper understanding of the innovative possibilities granted by physical simulation means. The demos, whether through a driving buck or an HMD, provide a fully interactive driving experience, enhanced with a realistic simulation of adaptative exterior lighting and ADAS, radar and LIDAR systems. The physical test and validation capabilities of VRX tap into the growing needs for analysis and validation means for autonomous vehicles. Indeed, the realism brought by the OPTIS simulation will let manufacturers drive their autonomous cars on virtual test-tracks for hours, to bring safe vehicles on time on the market.

“The 2017 edition of the DSC conference is a fantastic opportunity for OPTIS to demonstrate the usefulness of physics-based simulation and to show our latest developments in the domain of Autonomous Vehicle simulation to the leading players in the industry. Building on more than 25 years of innovation in the field of simulation, the level of realism of VRX is indeed enhancing the product development through driving simulation, and their ability to easily and efficiently integrate into autonomous vehicle development processes.”,

says Gilles Gallée, Business Development Director for Autonomous Driving & Simulator at OPTIS.
Meet us at booth 29 to meet with an OPTIS representative or to experience the OPTIS technology.


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