TOP 5 things you should know about SPEOS

All about intelligent simulation of light and human vision

July 3rd, 2017 | OPTIS group


Whether you are a designer, an engineer or an ergonomist, you must have already heard about or used SPEOS during your career. SPEOS is the flagship product of the OPTIS range that allows visualizing a lit product even before it exists. Whether for designing systems, optimizing prototype illumination or validating the ergonomics of the final product, SPEOS is an indispensable tool for optimizing industrial production time, from the design phase to the final validation and development.


But do you really know all about the software? We help you see things more clearly!


  • SPEOS is the first software to integrate optics, light and human vision into CAD platforms. SPEOS is compatible with the most well-known computer-aided design tools: CATIA V5, SOLIDWORKS®, PTC Creo & Siemens NX. It allows working smoothly from the 3D design to the modeling of the behavior of light, to the improvement of the efficiency and the conformity of the final product.
  • Why does SPEOS make the difference? Physics-based simulation of light, ruled by optical laws, and approved by the CIE, International Commission on Illumination. 
  • The accuracy of SPEOS is such that 80% of its users rely more on OPTIS virtual modeling than on physical prototypes to validate the performance and appearance of their products. OPTIS customers also reduce their production time by 50% on average thanks to this solution. 

  • SPEOS is compatible with HPC - High-Performance Computing - meaning that you can explore and evaluate your products in minutes, where the simulation took hours before: All without compromising on the quality of the results. 
  • You can now explore your SPEOS Virtual Reality results at 1/1 scale. Available via any virtual reality device, it allows you to analyze the perceived quality of colors and materials, as well as to understand the ambient lighting of your product in a true-to-life environment.



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